Elaine Biech


Wow! What else can I say. Thorough… actual exhaustive! Excellent design. Easy to follow and understand. Exactly what we need to plan for 2012. You gave us so much to work with both in what to keep doing and where to improve both in UPennfield and Pennfield culture in general. I am going to have to re-read it a few times just to get my arms all the way around this goldmine of information.

Andy Young
Dairy Profitability Strategist
Pennfield Corporation
January 2012

I admit I came to this event begrudgingly thinking it would eat up time I could be spending doing more important things. Wow was I wrong. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation, thought provoking scenarios, and examples of how to/ NOT to handle risk communication opportunities! This training must be extended across the empire. Thanks for sponsoring, I walk away more vigilant in the 27 words I choose to say.

Capt B

I received my copy of Thriving through Change – I really appreciate getting it. As always with your publications, it thoroughly covers the topic for its intended audience and is well written. Congratulations on another winner.

Daryl Conner - Conner Partners

Thank you, Elaine Biech for publishing me again and again in Wiley and encouraging me to fly forward.

Devora Zack - author of Networking for People Who Hate Networking

Having been in the learning and development field for three decades, I’ve watched Elaine become one of the most respected leaders in the training industry. Industry boards, councils, committees–they all gravitate to her for several reasons: She’s knowledgeable, analytical, thorough, persistent, creative, and committed to quality.

As an author, co-author, editor, or compiler of numerous books (50 or so), she has had tremendous success in identifying what leaders want to know, researching those answers, and providing the information in a clear and compelling way.

Personally, I find her to be a delight to work with on a project such as a book or a keynote or panel presentation. She goes the extra mile behind the scenes to make everyone look good, to make the effort look seamless, and to deliver real value for the client. As a result, she gets invited back time and time again.

Dianna Booher

Elaine — your consulting book is always on my desk and mostly open.

Donnee Ramelli

Elaine — call anytime you are in DC and we will have lunch together — but I want to treat you… for all the great things you have done for the learning community and for me personally.

Donnee Ramelli, former CLO General Motors

I am lucky to read your book,Training for Dummies, when I started my career as a freelance trainer in Beijing, I give sales training and self development training to Chinese exhibition companies. It’s a great book that gives me useful knowledge together with your personal experience. Thank you!

Flora Wang - Your reader in China

I really look forward to seeing your ideas come to life and they are always totally in-line with what you preach. I actually have a little shelf in my home (which many visitors finding very curious and interesting) where I have on display the cards I’ve received from you over the past four years, along with all the goo-gaas and gadgets. Thank you for continuing to inspire my creativity and for keeping me educated, humble, grateful, hopeful, nourished, delighted in true excellence, and optimistic! You’re the best, Elaine!

Heather Tanksley

Thank you for sending me Thriving Through Change and The Business of Consulting. I appreciate your thoughtful gifts. You deserve much appreciation for your decades of discerning work in making training and consulting respected professions. Thanks for your outstanding contribution.

Herb Kindler

As I put The Business of Consulting down, I was simultaneously excited, humbled, motivated, anxious, confident… the list goes on. Thank you for sharing so much of your experiences in your books. Thank you for writing about common sense practices such as Subcontractors Shall Not Market to the Client. The anecdotes, tools, advice, and lessons learned all contribute to books that I know will be dog-eared and well-used over the years. I am so grateful to have met you, and to have the chance to learn from you!

Jenn Labin

Many of us at CCL have gotten to know Elaine.
Elaine is a delight. She wanted to feature CCL in an ASTD certificate program and wanted to have the best of our thinking. The resulting program features both CCL’s research and practice.

Jennifer Martineau

I’ve had the chance to review the new books that you wrote for us. WOW! They are awesome. You have done a masterful job of creating valuable books that will become essential parts of our colleagues’ work. Thank you, thank you. Thank you.

Jim Kouzes - Author and Leadership Guru

Dear Elaine,

While on linkedIn this evening, your picture show up on the “do you know these people” section. While I don’t know you personally I noted that through several of my contacts, we are connected, at the 3rd level.

However, my reason for writing to let you know that I have read your book “The Business of Consulting” and found it to be practical and an enjoyable read. I consult and love what I do. I picked up so much valuable information from your book and was able to start applying it immediately.

I wanted to say thank you. My area of speciality is corporate finance and economic analysis, in both the commercial and government markets.

John Legieza

I’m happy to see us begin working with her. She possesses that seemingly rare translation skill – not of French to English!! – but of taking research and knowledge and turning it into meaningful, useful, relevant information.

Kris Downing, Center for Creative Leadership

I want to let you know how much the work you did on the CPLP study materials and the ASTD Handbook really helped me get through the process. I could not have done it without the materials you created for us. I look forward to continuing to learn from you.

Larry Straining , CPLP

It was so thoughtful of you to remember me. I have purchased your books several times to give as gifts (I wouldn’t give up my own copies!) especially to a budding Training Dept. at MetLife in Poland. They really appreciate not only the information that you provide but the way that you write is easy for them to understand.

Lea Toppino

I wanted to express my appreciation for your work as editor and for the publication of my submissions. I hope all is well with you and yours and that the Annuals continue to be successful.

Leanne Cusumano Roque - CRC Consulting, Inc.

Thank you for your encouragement as I start out on my own. The inspiration and instruction received from your books have helped me land my first contract.

Lester Potts

I know you said no more gushing, but I just got to The Leadership Challenge Coaching book. I’m simply amazed by your work! You are a talented writer with the rare gift for pulling together vital information in a crystal clear, cohesive way. This expertise combined with your deep knowledge and vast experience as a learning professional, make you such a valuable author. Priceless, in my opinion! Thank you, thank, thank you for taking on this project and breathing so many new ideas and fresh perspective into The Leadership Challenge. Great writers like yourself shouldn’t be without a manuscript due date.

Lisa Shannon -Associate Publisher Pfeiffer: An Imprint of Wiley

I was a participant in your Training Certificate program in NYC last December. I wanted to let you know how much I benefitted from the training. Last week I conducted a workshop incorporating many of the principles and methods I learned in your course. The workshop was a success and the evaluations were very high. It would not have gone so well without the training I received from you.


Just finished reading 10 Steps to Successful Training and I must say the tools outlined in this book are timeless! Another great book that will get lots of use. I was reminded how much I enjoy facilitating. With this book I feel like I’ve knocked off some cob webs at least. 😉 Thanks again for the boost of preparation and inspiration.

Michael A. Cantrell - OTT/ Kaizen Leader

Please accept my appreciation and thanks for your recent book. I have The Consultant’s Quick Start Guide. I established my consulting business two years ago and was happy to find authors like you. Wise counsel is always welcome. Thank you for writing this book. It has challenged me in areas where I needed to look in depth to really develop objectives and goals. You are absolutely wonderful and greatly appreciated.

Ramona Riley

Thanks to your guidance, the business is off to a wonderful start – I couldn’t have done it without you! Your card and pot of gold were adorable. I wish you the best holiday season and a peaceful new year.

Susan von Hemert

Congrats on the success of all of your training sessions – five, wow!!! As always, the Energizer Bunny has nothing on you, Elaine! You are amazing, always have been; always will be.

Sylvia Pierson

Elaine is my hero! I use her Thriving Through Change book and it really works. As she explains each phase, she gives practical tips for how. I love all the worksheets and checklists. Elaine takes it to the next level – with practical help.

Teri Reynolds